pyscal-rdf can be installed on Linux and Mac OS based systems. On Windows systems, it is recommended to use Windows subsystem for Linux. The following instructions will help install pyscal-rdf:

pip install pyscal-rdf

conda install -c conda-forge pyscal-rdf

We strongly recommend creating a conda environment for the installation. To see how you can install conda see here.

Once a conda distribution is available, the following steps will help set up an environment to use pyscal_rdf. First step is to clone the repository.

git clone

After cloning, an environment can be created from the included file-

cd pyscal_rdf
conda env create -f environment.yml

This will install the necessary packages and create an environment called rdf. It can be activated by,

conda activate rdf

then, install pyscal_rdf using,

pip install .